In order to gain access to the discord, please read through our rules and complete the form at the bottom of the page. By completing the form, and thereby entering the discord, players agree to follow and uphold stated rules and admit to reading and understanding them in full.


Be a decent human. 


While friendly gaming banter and healthy competition is encouraged, harassment by any player is absolutely not tolerated. All players are welcome here, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, mental capacity, etc. Discrimination based on the former will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Furthermore, any such language in either game chat or discord will also not be allowed. 

Players witnessed harassing other players will only receive one warning. *Warning is issued at Admin discretion and is not guaranteed, depending on the offense. Offenses after the warning will result in Admin action, including but not limited to Admin wiping and/or server blacklisting. 

**Note: swearing is allowed, and being sworn at is not considered "harassing."


All resources are free game. No one likes a hoarder. 

Resource blocks will be destroyed by the Admin. Repeat offenders will result in Admin action. 

If you plan to build a base and think you might be at risk for resource blocking, please consult an admin.


Spawn location camping is not allowed. Everyone deserves a fair chance to join the server. 

All spawn locations have been mapped out and foundationed off by the admins to ensure that bases or structures can not be built over a player spawn point. 


All players are expected to adhere to Wildcard Code of Conduct. Misusing or abusing game mechanics will be subject to Admin discipline. Meshing will result in a ban.


This one should go without saying. Insiding is a bannable offense. If you wish to leave your tribe, you must work it out with your tribe first. Taking resources, loot, dinos, etc and then leaving tribe without discussing it first is insiding. Stealing tames that were not tamed by you without prior permission is insiding. 


Not only does this bog down the server performance, but no one benefits from a surplus of useless structures. If you find value in a giant phallic stone structure, this is not the server for you. 


Tribes are allowed 2 bases per map only. This prevents lag, and limits the possibility of build location hoarding.

Additionally, build spam consisting of behemoth and dinosaur gates causes immense lag and should not be used to deter resource regrowth and dino spawns. 

Any players caught popcorning loot during a raid will be removed from server. Not only can it lag the server, but it is underhanded and not welcome in a boosted server such as Beyond Ark.


Non-Beyond Ark servers and/or their discords will result in immediate admin action, including, but not limited to, a server kick and/or ban. We are not a podium to advertise for other servers. We have worked hard to get where we are and to advertise our own cluster appropriately. We will not tolerate attempts at "recruiting" players for other servers. If you don't like Beyond Ark, that's your business and you are not required to stay. If you want to start a new server to run it how you want, good for you, but you can recruit and advertise just like every other server out there and build your own player base.


The Admin will issue player discipline at their own discretion. We all come to the server to have fun and grow the Ark community. Be a decent person and you will have nothing to worry about. 

**Any players that knowingly assist in breaking the rules, or are involved a plan to break the rules will suffer the same consequences as straight out rule breakers. 


*Admin banning is at Admin discretion only, however NO ONE gets banned for no reason. Admins are fair and use the best judgement possible. If you have been banned and do not understand why, please feel free to contact an Admin for an explanation.

*Animals left unattended at admin shop, ob's, or shop vault areas, or event locations without making arrangements with an admin will be assumed abandoned and intended for the free dino area and/or will be confiscated.

*Griefing is defined as follows - Killing passive tames out of spite/without raiding, limiting a base's build by placing structures to halt the built radius, dive bombing or otherwise harassing a base or player, dropping/luring wild dinos into a base, picking players and dragging them to turrets outside of a raiding environment. Manipulating PVE mechanics in regards to drowning/killing players is not allowed and also considered griefing.

*Killing passive tames during a raid is frowned upon, but not against the rules. ***This guideline applies to PVE Tribe Wars Only!

*Admin dinos in shop are there to keep the peace. They can, AND WILL, smack you into oblivion if aggro'd. Multiple cases of admins dino harassment will result in admin action.

*Free dino area is not filled with 'starter tames'. Tribes drop off free dinos out of the goodness of their hearts. Do not 'beg' for free dinos if the area is empty.

*Changing a tribe name after raiding to get out of being tracked is against Wild Card code of conduct, and is subject to admin action.

*Tames left on breeding will be wiped. This can cause server crashes and major server lag. Breed responsibly.

*Admins clear "abandoned" bases ONLY if the decay timer on the structure completely depletes its count or if the tribe leaves the discord.

*If a player is caught impersonating an admin they will be permanently removed from the cluster.

*Admins reserve the right to inspect any players base for whatever reason, with or without notifying the player/tribe. 

*****There is nothing wrong with wanting to start your own server if that's where you feel your calling is. However, we will not offer any support or insight to those who choose to do so, for the same reasons listed above about promoting other servers. Creating a balanced server requires a lot of time and effort, and is something that we have committed over 500 IRL hours collectively between Light and Shadow to get where we are. Support also includes assistance with coding, drops, configurations, game.ini files, or any other similar foundational piece. We will not assist with any of the them.

**There is a list of known wildcard issues in the discord. If a game error occurs that is a documented issue, please understand that Beyond Ark is a play at your own risk server. For example, wildcard has a known issue with transferring characters from one server to another that can result in character loss due to data corruption. Admins will no longer be restoring characters, levels, items, tames, ect. Please understand that we as admins have no control over glitches in the game, however there are work around that we HIGHLY suggest. Making a separate character for each of our maps, and utilizing the Ark Data tab in Obelisks to transfer items and dinos is our number one suggestion for working around the character loss glitch. 

please fill out the form below and you will be redirected to the Beyond Ark discord.

This helps assure the admin team of who has read the rules and therefore understands how the cluster runs.​ Listing your Psn helps us match up players in the discord and assists in keeping to discord organised.