Beyond Ark is owned by xShadowFire9x - Shadow, LightWriter19 - Light, and Dave_Bro_ - Davebro. Together they make up the owner tribe Elira Knights. With years of Ark server management under their belts, decades of gaming experience, and backgrounds in coding, digital design and management; this trio of friends are dedicated to making this server as enjoyable as possible. Together with imthehiro -Hiro,  GRIMMREAPER6549 - Grimm , and JETMAN9017- Jet as Admins, and IREINHART - REIN as an Officer, the Admin Team is ready to protect the server and ensure an amazing ARK experience for Beyond Ark players. 

All Admins fly owls so that you know its us. That way players dont need to worry about us landing at their bases. They are the only players to own owls.

Do Admins raid or PVP on the servers?

No. The Beyond Ark Admins do not and will not PVP on any servers unless arranged between both PVP'ing parties in advance. 

We don't allow those with access to the admin password to participate in raiding as to eliminate the possibility of admin abuse accusations. Officers of the Admin team do not have access to the admin password, and therefore are allowed to raid. 

Why do Admins fly snow owls?

All Admins fly specific colored owls in order to be easily recognizable. Players need not worry if an owl lands outside their base as the Admin Owl's are a sign of peace, as Admins do not participate in PVP . 

Why did Admins chose to password protect the servers?

Due to new player's extensive rule breaking and disregard for the cluster's overall well being at the start of season 5, the Admin team took the opportunity to implement a "Rule check" system. Players must now agree to the rules in order to access the discord, and then only through the discord can players gain access to the server passwords. By requiring players to join the discord before joining the servers, all players have a guaranteed line of support through the Admin team and Beyond Ark community. 

Are there tek items in the drops?

There are no tek items, turrets, large amounts of element, not crafting structures in our drops. Tek engrams will need to earned through the boss fights on thier respective maps, however some tek engrams auto learn at max level. 

Why are transfers limited to/from the PVP server in cluster?

We allow dino and item transfers into the PVP servers, however to ensure that PVP players dont use the PVE servers as a hide-out or bank, only player's characters can be transferred out. 

What is the free dino area?

The free dino area in shop is a place where players can drop off over bred dinos and extra dinos for new players. Admins do not provide free dinos as starter dinos, however all dinos in the free area at shop are perfect starter dinos for new players. 

Why is there no public crafting station on the PVP map?

Players are encouraged to "build up" on the PVE map and bring over their tames, items and character when they feel that they are ready for pvp. This enables a built in "blue flag period", without the threat of griefing a players thatch base.

Why is the Admin shop/shop vaults on Rag PVE?

Due to past griefing and shop raiding, the Admin's decided it was best to put the shop on a pve map to eliminate blown up vaults and Admin shop pvp. We encourage our pvp players to make an addition character on the pve map, then use the Ark Data tab of the Obelisk or Transmitter to transfer shop items into pvp. 

Is there a question you would like answered? Feel free to submit your question on the contact page.