Come and join us for server events twice a month! Our events are hosted by the Admin Tribe, however we encourage our server-mates to participate in the construction of new events. We are always open to new ideas for events to grow our amazing community. Got an idea for an event? Drop us an email on the contacts page, reach out to us on Discord, or drop a note in the idea box at the Admin shop in game. 


Any public teleporter can take you to the event location easily. 

NEXT EVENT - PVP Re-Launch!! May 15th, 2020


Some events may come with their own currency. Event Currency (Tickets) can only be earned through the events and can only be spent at the event shop on days the events are held. Event Currency will expire shorty after the event. Exclusive items and dinos may be purchased at the Event Shop only. What will you spend with your winnings?